Couples holidays to Ibiza during September

Each getaway has its precise moment, that is no secret. The months that now await us also have their perfect audience: couples. September is characterized by being calm after the summer storm and, therefore, ideal for couples holidays to Ibiza and enjoying a particularly quiet holiday.
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Family tourism on the north coast of Ibiza

You could say that Ibiza is divided into two: northern and southern parts. While the southern one is more popular for parties and crowds, the north is much quieter. It is precisely in the northern part that family tourism and active tourism are concentrated. There is also the S’Argamassa Palace, flooded in that familiar and quiet environment.
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The night of San Juan: fire, myths, rites and good luck

The summer solstice comes every year accompanied by dreams, legends, and good luck. After the night of San Juan on June 23, we have thought about the different legends that touch the magical island of Ibiza. The fire and the sea play a decisive role in each of the stories that give this white island a mystical character.
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Small hotel, great surprises

Small hotel, great surprises. I could not have chosen a better title for the first post this season. In the summer of 2019, the small Suite Hotel S’Argamassa Palace is prepared to give its best during one more summer. I tell you the news of this season and the details that make it so special in this post.
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Boutique hotel in Santa Eulalia: S’Argamassa Palace

Today is the last night of this season. Arriving at the end of October, we close doors after an exciting 2018, doing what we like and passionate about the most boutique style. And being a boutique hotel means offering the best moments to our customers. It means having something special in every corner. It means making each stay special from the first moment.
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