Ibiza in winter

It is widely known that Ibiza is made up of two worlds: Ibiza in summer and the magical Ibiza in winter. Tourists are drawn to the summer, the sun for 14 hours a day and activity. However, the months in which hotels and restaurants close also hide their particular beauty.
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Cycling Routes in Ibiza near S’Argamassa Palace

A complete holiday is for many people synonymous with well-being and health. Because of this, and thanks to the excellent location, S’Argamassa Palace has a whole repertoire of activities to recommend to take care of body and mind. Let’s see today the cycling routes in Ibiza offered by the town of Santa Eulalia.
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The charm of Santa Eulalia del Río

The closest town center to S’Argamassa Palace is the town of Santa Eulalia. A marina, a walk to the beach, restaurants, bars, shops and much culture make it attractive for all types of interests. In this post, I will tell you what to see in Santa Eulalia from our personal experience after years visiting the area.
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All kinds of activities during September

September is for many the favorite month to discover Ibiza, and rightly so! The temperatures get a little lower, the colors bright up and the real essence of the island appears.  This entire means that the activities during September are ideal for both, the big and the little ones.
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The culture of Ibiza: the most important and interesting spots

Beyond the beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes and excellent gastronomy, Ibiza shines for thousands of years of culture. After all, it has been trampled upon by various civilizations, leaving their particular imprint on the island. The culture of Ibiza is thus a legacy of customs and forms of life very diverse among them.
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