A home, more than a simple hotel in Ibiza

Square the dates with the family, look at tickets and choose a hotel in Ibiza. Pack the luggage. “What do I take?”, “This, just in case, and this other too.” Get up early, wait two hours at the airport. Arrive at the destination, find the hotel. Check-in hours later. Realize that half of the clothes will be left over. Without a doubt, going on vacation is an adventure from beginning to end. What must be a few days of relaxation can become a few days of added stress if any of the choices are not right. Especially, the one to find the perfect hotel in Ibiza.

My first encounter with this hotel in Ibiza

We enter loaded with our suitcases of 14 days of vacations.

We enter loaded with our suitcases of 14 days of vacations in this hotel in Ibiza. The receptionist immediately got up and came to our meeting offering us her help to carry the luggage. That day we had been standing since 3 in the morning and it was after 12 noon. It must be said that our spirits were not very well there having bad breakfast and even without eating lunch.

Once inside the reception, the girl introduced us with an “I’ll give you a quick check-in, as it is sure that you have taken many hours to travel and the last thing you want is to listen to schedules.” It was an immediate relief, we just wanted to get to the room, eat and rest.

We asked her for a place to eat, and she gave us the option of eating a snack on the pool terrace. Usually, there are people bathing at that time but that day was quiet and encouraged us to make the most of the first meal of the holidays. What a good idea the girl had!

She gave us the option of eating a snack on the pool terrace.

We ate some tasty homemade burgers and a few pieces of cake prepared that morning. It was all delicious, and the waitress treated us as if she knew us forever while asking us about the trip.

Customs make a holiday a stay at home

As it could not be otherwise, the following days were unforgettable. From breakfast to bedtime, all the hotel team gave us all the attention possible so that we felt comfortable. And not only that. To be comfortable is one thing, and the other is to feel at home. Supposedly a hotel in Ibiza is rather impersonal for being a place of passage, but this became our summer home thanks to the natural that was the deal with the whole team.

It became our summer home thanks to the personal nature of the deal with the whole team

We ended the holidays by calling the name, joking and knowing the odd mania of the other. I will never forget how, on the second day, we went down to breakfast and went to serve myself a coffee. The friendly waitress brought it to the table and placed it on the right side of the plate. Following my custom, I changed it to the left when she left. She must have realized, because in the next 12 days my coffee was every morning to the left of the plate, with only one sugar and two fingers of milk, as I prepare it at home.

Our hotel in Ibiza, retreat every summer

From that first time 9 years ago and every time we leave the S’Argamassa Palace, we do it with the feeling of having visited our Ibizan family. And, of course, I find my coffee from the first day like 9 years ago.

We leave with the feeling of having visited our Ibizan family.

I said it is a stay at home but it is even better. It is a point of relaxation and recharge of batteries for the rest of the year.

H. A. Cobin


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