It is a quiet hotel in Ibiza

Day after day, the guests of S’Argamassa Palace are amazed and enjoy the tranquility of this quiet hotel. Whether low season or high season, the calm and peace that is breathed in this place leave the door open to the rest of young and old. Without a doubt, it is a quiet hotel from the first to the last corner, from breakfast to nightly rest.
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Gastronomy of Ibiza: Star Dishes

The beaches, the forests, the sea, the blue sky … there are many things that make Ibiza a unique place. And, in fact, you cannot talk about Ibiza without mentioning the traditional gastronomy of Ibiza.  A day at the beach is not the same without a paella after a dip or a bullit after those hours of sun.
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A home, more than a simple hotel in Ibiza

Square the dates with the family, look at tickets and choose a hotel in Ibiza. Pack the luggage. “What do I take?”, “This, just in case, and this other too.” Get up early, wait two hours at the airport. Arrive at the destination, find the hotel. Check-in hours later. Realize that half of the clothes will be left over. Without a doubt, going on vacation is an adventure from beginning to end. What must be a few days of relaxation can become a few days of added stress if any of the choices are not right. Especially, the one to find the perfect hotel in Ibiza.
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The crystal clear sea of Ibiza

If there is something special about the sea of Ibiza, it is undoubtedly its crystalline waters. It is a treasure that both residents and tourists value. From the northernmost tip to the southernmost, the crystal clear water of the Ibiza Sea embraces the entire coast of the Greater Pitiüsa.
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The Ibizan spring at S’Argamassa Palace

The Ibizan spring gives one more year, passage to the opening of the doors of the S’Argamassa Palace. This season not only fills us with enthusiasm for the opening but also for the colors and the good weather. So, I decided to dedicate the first post of the season to this spring.
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